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Welcome to the IPLAC, advancing standards and education programs for all finance professionals. Made up of many member companies spanning the global market, the IPLAC connects the finance industry with financial management credential certifications.


As an international association, the IPLAC enables our members to develop robust expertise for managing the massive volumes of finance generated by today businesses. For the past years we have worked to bring recognition of financial issues to the business world.  As a result, the IPLAC has adopted the role of industry catalyst for the development of financial specifications and global standards, and education.


International Professional License Accreditation Council (IPLAC) is a non-profit organization, and an academy and certificate accreditation organization of European and American International Culture and Education Foundation  (EAICE-Foundation, http://www.eaice-foundation.org ).  We also are an accredited member of IACUE (International Association for College and University Education http://www.iacue.org), , ACBSP (The Academy of Collegiate Business Schools and Projects http://www.acbsp.us), WWC (Worldwide Classroom http://www.worldwide.edu) and accredited by IDETC (International Distance Education and Training Congress http://www.idetc.us). The IDETC Accrediting Commission defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence in distance education institutions. IPLAC is also an accredited member of ACICS (Accrediting Council of International Certificate and Society http://www.acics.us /).


Our members are dedicated to developing and promoting standards, managerial, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of finance, accounting, business risk, marketing and asset. The IPLAC works toward this goal by forming and sponsoring Finance Work Groups, producing with our strategic partner building and maintaining a vendor neutral Finance Center and promoting activities that expand the breadth and quality of the financial management market. The IPLAC's ability to accomplish these goals is directly attributed to the dedication and hard work of hundreds of volunteers from our member companies.  With regional affiliates spanning the globe, IPLAC is truly the voice of the industry on a worldwide scale.

IPLAC is a fast-growing non-profit global professional institution, and an academy and certificate accreditation organization of European and American International Culture and Education Foundation (EAICE-Foundation, http://www.eaice-foundation.org).

IPLAC ™'s accreditation eligibly be accredited by IACUE (International Association for College and University Education http://www.iacue.org), the worldwide hallmark of excellence in education, and official member of AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business http://www.aacsb.edu), ACBSP (The Academy of Collegiate Business Schools and Projects http://www.acbsp.us)and Worldwide Classroom (http://www.worldwide.edu)and IDETC (International Distance Education and Training Congress http://www.idetc.us ).IPLAC is also an accredited member of ACICS (Accrediting Council of International Certificates and Societies http://www.acics.us /).The IDETC Accrediting Commission defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence in distance education institutions. IPLAC's accreditation also have been recognized and recommended at the same time by IAAFM, IACPT, IPQMI, IOPCA, and other internationally renowned organization and banks.

IPLAC (International Professional License Accreditation Council) is also the world leader in the international exchange of people and ideas. Its expertise enables institutions and individuals to build capacity in their home countries and regions. As the most experienced global education and professional exchange agency, IPLAC provides training and leadership development programs for public and private sector institutions. Overseas, the Institute organizes democracy-building, civil society, and human rights training initiatives that promote development in transitional societies; IPLAC provides international affairs programs and visitor and protocol services that enrich communities and regions.

Founded in 2004 as an independent, non-profit organization, IPLAC is a trusted resource for educators and institutions worldwide. Its mission is to:

  • promote closer financial educational relations between the people of all countries;

  • increase the number of students, scholars and professionals who have the opportunity to study, teach, and conduct research outside of their own country;

  • strengthen and internationalize financial institutions of higher learning throughout the world;

  • rescue scholars and promote academic freedom around the world;

  • foster sustainable development through training programs in financial, energy, environment, business management, and leadership development;

  • partner with corporations, foundations, and governments in finding and developing people able to think and work on a global basis.


Sponsors of IPLAC’s 250 programs worldwide major philanthropic foundations, private and public corporations, several foreign governments, and individuals. Nearly 4,000 men and women from the specific countries study, conduct research, receive practical training, or provide technical assistance through these programs.


​歡迎來到IPLAC,為所有金融專業人士推進標準和教育計劃。 IPLAC由遍布全球市場的眾多成員公司組成,將金融業與財務管理憑證認證聯繫起來。


國際專業執照認證委員會(IPLAC)是一個非營利組織,是歐美國際文化教育基金會(EAICE-Foundation,http://www.eaice-foundation.org)的學術和證書認證機構。我們還是IACUE(國際學院和大學教育協會http://www.iacue.org),ACBSP(大學商學院和項目學院http://www.acbsp.us),WWC的認證會員(全球課堂http://www.worldwide.edu)並由IDETC(國際遠程教育和培訓大會http://www.idetc.us)認證。 IDETC認證委員會定義,維護和促進遠程教育機構的卓越教育。 IPLAC還是ACICS(國際證書和社會認證委員會http://www.acics.us /)的認可會員。

我們的成員致力於開發和推廣標準,管理和教育服務,以使組織能夠管理財務,會計,業務風險,營銷和資產。 IPLAC通過組建和讚助財務工作組來實現這一目標,與我們的戰略合作夥伴共同建立並維護供應商中立的金融中心,並推動擴大金融管理市場廣度和質量的活動。 IPLAC實現這些目標的能力直接歸功於我們成員公司數百名志願者的奉獻精神和辛勤工作。憑藉遍布全球的地區分支機構,IPLAC真正成為全球範圍內行業的代言人。


IPLAC™的認證合格地獲得IACUE(國際學院和大學教育協會http://www.iacue.org)的認可,這是全球教育卓越的標誌,也是AACSB(促進大學學院協會)的正式成員。商業http://www.aacsb.edu),ACBSP(大學商學院和項目學院http://www.acbsp.us)和全球課堂(http://www.worldwide.edu)和IDETC(國際遠程教育和培訓大會http://www.idetc.us).IPLAC也是ACICS(國際證書和社團認證委員會http://www.acics.us /)的認可成員.IDETC認證委員會定義,維護並促進遠程教育機構的卓越教育。 IPLAC的認證也得到了IAAFM,IACPT,IPQMI,IOPCA和其他國際知名組織和銀行的認可和推薦。

IPLAC也是國際人員和思想交流的世界領導者。 其專業知識使機構和個人能夠在其本國和地區建立能力。 作為最有經驗的全球教育和專業交流機構,IPLAC為公共和私營部門機構提供培訓和領導力發展計劃。 在海外,研究所組織民主建設,民間社會和促進過渡社會發展的人權培訓舉措; IPLAC提供豐富社區和地區的國際事務計劃和訪客及協議服務。

IPLAC成立於2004年,是一家獨立的非營利組織,是全球教育工作者和機構值得信賴的資源。 其使命是:

  • 促進各國人民之間更密切的金融教育關係;

  • 增加有機會在本國以外學習,教學和進行研究的學生,學者和專業人員;

  • 加強全球金融高等教育機構的國際化;

  • 拯救學者,促進全世界的學術自由;

  • 通過金融,能源,環境,企業管理和領導力發展方面的培訓計劃促進可持續發展;

  • 與企業,基金會和政府合作,尋找和培養能夠在全球範圍內思考和工作的人。

IPLAC的250個項目的讚助商遍布全球主要的慈善基金會,私營和公共公司,幾個外國政府和個人。 來自特定國家的近4,000名男女通過這些計劃進行研究,開展研究,接受實踐培訓或提供技術援助。

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